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e Verification Components (eVCs)

In order to build and support successful VIP products, both expert level understanding of interface and protocol standards as well as EDA expertise is necessary.  To ensure our VIP is fully interoperable, reusable and adheres to the highest quality standards, we partner with the leader in advanced verification tools and methodologies, Cadence Design Systems.  Globetech was one of the earliest developers of eVCs and continues to deliver the most complete module, chip and system level verification solution available.

e Verification Components (eVC™)

e Verification Components (eVCs) are reusable, configurable, pre-verified, plug-and-play verification environments. The philosophy underlying eVCs differs significantly from competing VIP products. Rather than use thousands of directed tests, eVCs employ automatic generation and a coverage driven methodology.  Employing these methodologies uncovers bugs faster and achieves 90 to 95%+ coverage of the protocol, freeing up engineering time to focus on testing the DUT’s proprietary functionality.

eVC Architecture

e Reuse Methodology (eRM)

With such a large percentage of a project's resources devoted to verification, it only makes sense that verification reuse is as critical — if not more critical — than design reuse.  For this reason, eRM was developed which ensures that eVCs seamlessly plug-and-play and operate consistently with all eRM compliant verification environments by applying consistent terminology, architecture, coding style and packaging.  All of Globetech’s eVCs comply with the eRM. 

Quality and Productivity Gains

With eVCs, verification environments can be created in days instead of weeks or months. Because they are designed with reuse in mind, they can be deployed not only at the module and system level but across derivative projects, maximizing productivity and return on investment.